How to plan the perfect Southern Family Reunion: stress-free.

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Most of us have experienced a family reunion at least once in our lives and without a doubt, those experiences vary immensely. While reunions are an important event for most families, they are especially valuable for black families. This is because the reunion offers an opportunity to revive the family unit in response to its dispersion.

History has dictated that many black family trees are lost or unknown, with more than six million ancestors having migrated from the south to urban and industrial city centers in the north, west and midwest during the 20th century. The black family reunion resurged in popularity following Alex Haley’s 1976 award-winning novel Roots: The Saga of an American Family, which details the life of Haley’s ancestors’ roots from Africa to America. It especially sparked an explosion of renewed interest in the reunion as a means of discovering family roots and heritage. It all sounds like a mighty task, we know because we’ve been there! But it’s nothing you can’t tackle with a little help.

One of our specialties at Roundabout Atlanta is in transporting all numbers and types of groups but we have a special love for transporting families. Moving folks from all over the place and delivering them to their destination on time and happy is what we do best. We know that the airport pickup can be stressful, so let us take the weight off your shoulders so you can focus on everything else. An Atlanta family reunion can offer you so much, with event locations to spare and activities that the whole family can enjoy! A black history and civil rights tours could be the perfect activity for your black family reunion, or hop on an Atlanta city tour to introduce your relatives to the city, who will presumably be from all over.

Once you’ve got the family into their accommodation, getting them around the city and to the event is the next dilemma. Our diverse vehicle options mean that you can rest easy knowing that we can take 56 members of your family in one go or just get you and your three kids to the venue ahead of the start time to get organized. We have a ton of experience getting people around Atlanta, and as locals, we’re more than qualified. You might be looking for family reunion theme ideas, where to buy funny family reunion shirts or even great recipe ideas, and we’re more than happy to offer our two cents if you’re in need of assistance. For us, food is a critical part of every gathering. We feature it heavily on our sightseeing tours, as we believe that it is a great excuse to gather friends and family, and taste a bit of history whether it’s familial or cultural. After all, this is what Southern hospitality is all about!

After the success of the event, there’s no doubt that you’ll be exhausted from it all and this is where we can help out again. Let us get your family back to their location without a fuss – yes, even your uncle that might have had a bit more to drink than he’s letting on. And when the trip is over, we’ll get everyone back to the airport with time to relax before their flight home. Let it be a weekend that you’ll always remember, not one that you want to forget!

Family reunions are hard enough and without having to worry about the transport you’ll be ahead of the pack. You’ll be able to enjoy the occasion for what it is: spending quality time with your family and reminiscing about your grandma’s famous laugh or your auntie’s childhood mischiefs. Get in contact with us today to find out more about how we can help you plan the perfect Atlanta family reunion – stress-free!


– your Roundabout Atlanta team

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