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Torah Day School of Atlanta – A Roundabout Atlanta Partner

It’s time again to introduce one of our esteemed partners, and with school season in full swing, it’s the perfect time to introduce our partner, Torah Day School of Atlanta. Learn more about the history of the school, and what sets them apart from other schools.

About Torah Day School of Atlanta

Torah Day School of Atlanta is a private Day School in Atlanta, specifically the Toco Hills neighborhood of Dekalb County, with about three hundred and fifty students from Kindergarten through eighth grade. The school is known for its rigorous academic program both in Judaic and general studies and for creating an environment where students can embrace their faith. Torah Day School of Atlanta is on to something as their students have become successful professionals ranging from entrepreneurs to lawyers.

History of Torah Day School of Atlanta

So how did this significant school get its beginnings? Everything began in 1985, with a humble start of just four teachers, a principal, and a devoted base of volunteers and community members, to create an upstanding academic program highlighting the Judaic faith. Just thirty-seven years ago, these bright and dedicated individuals served a student base of only twenty-five students. Fast forward to today, and the student population has increased by fourteen times. Their outstanding reputation is evident by the number of recognitions and accreditations the school has received. A couple of examples are the prestigious Blue Ribbon School of Excellence by the U.S. Department of Education in 2008 and accreditations from AAAIS (Atlanta Area Association of Independent Schools) and GISA (Georgia Independent School Association).

What Makes Torah Day School of Atlanta Different

While every school has similar building blocks to create a solid education foundation, not all schools have something special that sets them apart. The Torah Day School of Atlanta goes above and beyond, specifically with their unique resources available to students, such as the Learning and Social Emotional Resources and their emphasis on Parent-Teacher communication.

Resource teachers at TDSA are so committed to the learning and development of every child that they devote extra time outside of the classroom to focus on areas of improvement so that every student has the opportunity to learn to their full potential. Teamwork makes the dream work; this is made apparent through the Learning Resources program at TSDA through the collaboration of Resource teachers, Classroom teachers, and parents.

Equally important to the Learning Resources program at TDSA are the Social and Emotional Resources provided to students. Rabbi Shalom Yosef Horowitz and staff member Mrs. Bracha Schulgasser led this impressive initiative, working with younger students from kindergarten through the fifth grade to develop the necessary social and emotional skills needed to be successful at every stage of life. Vital skills such as self-awareness, self-management, social, relationship, and decision-making skills are woven through the fabric of each weekly curriculum to provide students with a high emotional intelligence level.

Last but not least, TDSA understands the value of teamwork and good communication, especially regarding the Teacher-Parent relationship. A great example is how they integrated parent feedback into communicating student progress and grades with parents. In addition to traditional report cards, the staff at TDSA wanted to create a student-centered approach that went above grades and deeper into the specific progress of each student. This provides a better understanding of how each child is progressing, and teachers provide this report over the phone or in written format, creating a personalized experience.

Over the past three plus decades, it’s not hard to see how TSDA has won over the respect and admiration of many, including ourselves! Unsurprisingly so, we are proud to have Torah Day School of Atlanta as one of our partners.

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