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Transportation Options

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We don’t call ourselves Roundabout Atlanta for nothing! Alongside our infamous Atlanta day tours, we offer a transportation service for every occasion. So, when we’re not exploring all that Atlanta has to offer with our tour groups, we’re driving around our city, getting people from point A to point B. Our cars are certified by the Georgia Department of Public Safety and include a range of luxury sedans, SUVs, vans, mini-buses and motor coaches. If you haven’t already checked out our vehicles and rates page or our TripAdvisor page, then here is a quick run through of what car services we offer.


Capacity: 3 – 4 passengers
Minimum length: 3 hours

Have you ever spent five hours in the air only to be delayed an extra hour waiting for your driver before making your way home? What about running late to the airport because you forgot to fill up your tank? Save yourself the trouble of worrying about that, and give us a call! Our luxury town car is the perfect option for occasions like this, not only for corporate travelers going to or from the airport, but also for solo travelers or couples visiting Atlanta. Let us take you to your destination in peace and style. Our professional drivers are Atlanta locals that can cater the journey to meet your needs. If you’re new to Atlanta, why not take a quick detour through some city sights and get the best tips on what to do with your time? Or if you’re heading on a work trip and looking for a smooth, quiet drive to let you finish off the presentation you have to give in Boston that afternoon, we’ve got you covered!


Capacity: 6 – 7 passengers
Minimum length: 3 hours

Let’s look at a couple different scenarios: you, your partner and your four kids need to get to and from your favorite concert happy and risk-free. Or your boss asks you to collect three investors from the airport and get them to their hotel in a timely manner. Let us take the weight off your shoulders and get you and your guests where they need to be, safe and sound. The luxury SUV is a roomy and comfortable vehicle that is guaranteed to impress your boss or your friends, without breaking the bank!


Capacity: 7 – 14 passengers
Minimum length: 3 hours

The passenger van is the perfect fit for the extended family pick-up from the airport. We’ll collect your aunts, uncles and cousins with all their luggage and even take them on a quick tour of Atlanta to give you some extra time to get organized before their arrival. Or get your employees to where they need to be so they can enjoy the corporate group outing you’ve planned or even just that meeting you’ve across town. Our passenger van is the ultimate people mover, available for whatever situation you find yourself in—just know you can rely on us to be there.


Capacity: 15 – 35 passengers
Minimum length: 4 hours

Taking a step up from the passenger van is the mini-bus. A vehicle big enough for the baseball or basketball team to get to the big game, or to go and watch another victory for the Atlanta Falcons at home. Maybe your highschoolers and their friends want to feel like an NFL team—then let the mini-bus get them to their graduation or prom. We promise they will still look as polished as when they left! Our drivers have done this time and time again, so you can rest easy knowing you can trust us with your babies.


Capacity: 56 passengers
Minimum length: 5 hours

If you’ve got a big event or function to get to, then the motor coach is the way to go. Let us collect your wedding guests and drop them off at the ceremony venue. If you need a little extra time to organize some details, then feel free to combine transport with a tour! We’ll show your guests the highlights of the beautiful city of Atlanta. We can even collect your group from the airport and drop them off with enough space for all their luggage—all without a hitch.

For all your Atlanta tour and transportation needs, get in contact with us. We will make sure that whatever occasion you have runs smoothly and that everyone arrives on time and leaves with a smile.

– your Roundabout Atlanta team

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