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Why People Choose Roundabout Atlanta Tours & Transportation

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As the 9th-largest city in the US, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Atlanta is home to a ton of activities that are perfect for both tourists and locals alike. But deciding what to do in a city like Atlanta can seem like a challenge, since its role as an international hub that is so dense with history and culture means there is so much to do!

Well, worry not—that’s where Roundabout Atlanta comes in. As specialized tour operators and Atlanta natives, we know this city like the back of our hands and love sharing it with as many people as possible. We consider ourselves the lucky ones because this city gives us so much to show off. But no matter what we say, you’re probably still wondering, “What makes Roundabout Atlanta so special? What is it that sets them apart from their competitors?”

Here at Roundabout Atlanta Tours and Transportation, we’re pretty straightforward. What we do is—you guessed it—tours and transportation in Atlanta! But we are so much more than that. We are a family-owned and operated business offering airport car services, limousine and shuttle services, black history & civil rights tours, educational tours, city tours, shopping tours, Stone Mountain tours, night tours, full-day tours, and 2-hour tours. If that isn’t what you’re looking for, we also offer private personalized tour options. What we’re saying is, we’ve got pretty much everything you’re looking for and more!

We pride ourselves on giving our guests the greatest Atlanta tour both during and after our time together. Our black history & civil rights tour not only dives into the rich past of black culture in Atlanta but also the contemporary side of the city. We give you historical context, and then bring you into the now.

With the busiest airport in the world, it’s no wonder this city is at the heart of continuous growth. And you better believe that the Roundabout Atlanta team isn’t going around in circles; we’re rising to the challenge! Culture is forever evolving, and black culture is no exception. We keep our colorful past in mind while still focusing our attention on the future.

You won’t believe the way our city—the black mecca, as it is affectionately known—has grown from its humble beginnings, and our people continue to grow and transform with it. In 2018, Forbes ranked Atlanta as the US city where African Americans are doing best economically, and in 2019, USA Today named Atlanta the nation’s black tech capital. We’ve also been the “the city too busy to hate” and Hotlanta, and our identity as the black Hollywood continues to grow thanks to the continued success of Tyler Perry Studios. And this is just a taste of what Atlanta is known for—we know you’ll love it so much more when you’ve tried it for yourself!

If the hustle and bustle of the city is getting to be too much, why not get out of Atlanta for a day? Stone Mountain is the world’s largest chunk of exposed granite, with 3,200 acres of nature and an 825-foot peak. This is Georgia’s most popular attraction, offering a massive range of activities, and with your local guide’s help, so much more can be unlocked for you!

Let us know what you’re interested in, and we’ll give you our recommendation. We’re super flexible—no, not like the Cirque du Soleil Atlanta performers—but by catering our stops, timings, pick-ups and drop-offs to suit you. Knowing that no traveler is the same means that we can adapt each tour to the individual or group.

No matter where you hail from, our guides at Roundabout Atlanta guarantee you’ll leave the tour filled with knowledge, memories and a smile. We have out-of-towners who come to Atlanta for a trip and want to come back again with their friends and family. Atlanta natives sometimes come on our tours too, and even they learn things they never knew about the place they call home! This city is so filled with culture and history that the locals (even us!) keep learning new things everyday—like a bottomless pecan pie, which we can’t help but share.

By the end of the tour, our customers not only become our friends but also become locals (if they aren’t already) in a place that had previously been no less than a foreign country to them. If you’ve read our reviews on TripAdvisor, Google and Yelp, you’d be hard pressed to figure out why someone wouldn’t choose Roundabout Atlanta. We have even had wedding wedding clients invite us to their rehearsal dinner (we love you too, Kelly and Lisa!).

With almost 9 years of tour experience under our belts and nothing but 5-star reviews, we must be doing something right! We secretly think that our lunch stops at local Atlanta institutions are mainly why we have such happy guests (since there is truly nothing like sharing a meal together), but we’ll leave that for you to decide.

Southern hospitality is a huge part of who we are and what Atlanta is about. It’s about food, charm, kindness, charity and so much more, because as the saying goes, “There are no strangers; just friends we haven’t met yet.” We truly believe that customers should be getting more than just amazing value for their money: they should also feel warmly welcomed and catered to. We endeavour to turn Atlanta into a home for everyone on every tour.

But the real secret? We love what we do. We are super proud of what we have created and of the positive feedback that our lovely new friends leave us day in and day out.

We could keep going on, but the reality is, you need to come and check out Atlanta for yourself. For a true Atlantan experience, get in contact with us. Let’s get started on crafting the perfect Atlanta experience for you!

– your Roundabout Atlanta team

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