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Delta Airlines – A Roundabout Atlanta Partner

At Roundabout Atlanta we are grateful for each one of our partners. As part of an Atlanta community that proudly works together to support each other, we are pleased to feature each one of our ATL partners in a blog post! Today we recognize Delta Airlines. We’ll go over who they are, what they do and how you can get involved.

Who is Delta Airlines and What Do They Do?

Headquartered right here in our hometown of Atlanta, Georgia, Delta Airlines is one of the largest airlines in the US with over 4,000 flights taking off each day in nearly 300 destinations across the globe. They employ approximately 75,000 people and serve up to 200 million customers a year. Delta is also one of the world’s oldest operating airlines, having operated their first passenger flight nearly a century ago, in June of 1929. In addition to their passenger flights they operate Delta Cargo, which transports over 2 billion tons each year – everything from organs used for transplants to fresh seasonal produce.

Delta Airlines continuously wins awards for their innovation, safety policies, customer service and operational excellence. In fact, they are the most award-winning airline in the country. Some recent awards and recognitions include “Best Employer for Diversity 2022” by Forbes and ranked number 18 on Glassdoor’s “Best Places to Work”, which is the sixth year in a row they have made it on the list. You can take a look at Delta’s extensive list of awards and recognitions here.

It’s no wonder that Delta Airlines in Atlanta and worldwide is consistently named as one of the best places to work, as they state that “social responsibility lies at the intersection of our values and expertise”. Delta prides itself on being more than just a business, giving back 1% of their profits to the community through different partnerships and programs. You can check out more about Delta’s community engagement here.


Delta’s very first passenger flight took off on June 17, 1929. The flight, which departed from Dallas, Texas, stopping in Monroe and Shreveport, Louisiana before landing at its scheduled destination of Jackson, Mississippi had just a single passenger on board. The single passenger on the flight was John S. Fox, an operations manager working for Delta.

Though 1929 marked Delta’s beginnings as a passenger airline, the company’s origins actually began on March 2, 1925, when the first ever crop-dusting airplane company was founded, Huff Daland Dusters. This innovative company was brought together through the collaboration of government, military, and corporate agencies in response to a weevil plague that was destroying the cotton crops vital to the South’s economy.

It was investor and entrepreneur C.E. Woolman, whose background was in agriculture, that expanded the company into an air mail and passenger airplane service. He went on to serve as the company president and then chief executive officer, until his death in 1966 and he is credited for making Delta Airlines the industry leader it is today.

You can read more about Delta Airlines’ history as a company here. If you find yourself in the ATL, enjoy a more immersive experience and visit the Delta Flight Museum, located at their headquarters and offering free public tours each Tuesday at 1pm. They also offer private tours upon request. You can reach out to book a private tour with the museum using the contact info below.

Delta Flight Museum
1060 Delta Blvd.
Bldg. B, Dept. 914
Atlanta, GA 30354-1989

Phone: (404) 715-7886

When it comes to airline companies, it’s hard to beat Delta. Beyond their excellence in customer service and operations, Delta Airlines considers itself a purpose-driven company that continuously lives up to its values of sustainability, diversity and inclusion, and community engagement. That is why Roundabout Atlanta is proud to call Delta Airlines a partner.

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