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How to Have a Safe Summer in Atlanta

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Atlanta is renowned for its summers. Days stretching out further than you can see, balmy evenings sitting on the balcony or in the park, and a refreshingly cold, peach iced tea to cool you down. This year things are a little different. While many of us are out each day, pushing for a better future, a lot of us are also looking for ways to spend these stunning sunny days, safely. So we’ve put together a list of potential summer activities in Atlanta to get you inspired.


Take a Tour

Tours aren’t only for visitors to the city, an Atlanta tour is the opportunity to see the city in a new light or see something that has been on your bucket list for some time. We offer a wide variety of tours and even have options for customizing if there was something specific that you had in mind. Our most popular tour is our Black History & Civil Rights Tour, where we take our guests through the history of the Civil Rights movement that is still being fought for today. Dr. King’s legacy still lives on throughout the city and is felt more than ever today. We are providing hand sanitizer on all of our tours, ensuring that all of our staff are symptom-free, and regularly sanitizing our vehicles to ensure that your time is spent enjoying the experience and not worrying about the presence of any risks.


Supporting Black Lives Matter

The BLM movement is organizing a ton of events in Atlanta and there are many different ways that you can help out that don’t involve protesting. Keep an eye on their website or follow them on Twitter to receive up-to-date information on what is happening both outside and online.


After Dark

Our city operates 24-hours a day, so there are plenty of things to do in Atlanta at night. Although a lot of venues are still closed due to COVID, it is important to keep them in mind as they begin to reopen. Some options include visiting the Georgia Aquarium at night, going for a midnight bowl at Midtown Bowl, having a laugh at the Basement Theater, or playing an arcade game with some Korean food at Joystick Gamebar. We also run a City Lights Atlanta Night Tour, which is the perfect way to see the city’s iconic sites lit up at night with plenty of photo opportunities on the way. Maybe even take a 20-story spin on the infamous SkyView Atlanta, the tour can be what you make of it! If you’re looking for another way to make the most of these balmy summer evenings, see our custom tours or get in touch and we can plan an Atlanta itinerary together.


Enjoy the Outdoors

Another way to enjoy the heat is to spend more time outdoors and maybe even venture outside of the city. We’ve written about what we think are the best parks in Atlanta but did you know that there are also some great hikes just a stone’s throw away? From the Palisades Trail with their spectacular bamboo forest to the Morningside Nature Preserve with its 30-acres waiting to be explored, and Arabia Mountain, showing off Atlanta’s unique geology and ecology! Stone Mountain also has around 15-miles of marked trails to explore if you’ve already summited the big rock. We’d be more than happy to show you around on our Private Stone Mountain Park Tour.


It is important to avoid public transport at this time so if you’re looking for a way to get to your destination, check out our transportation options. Heading out of Atlanta by plane? Keep your journey as risk-free as possible by hiring us to take you to the airport or bring you home. Our airport transfers are stress-free, comfortable, and always on time!


-your Roundabout Atlanta team
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