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The Benefits of Private Tours

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The tourism industry has been taken on a rollercoaster ride in recent months. As one of the hardest-hit sectors, many tour and activity operators like us are looking for ways to build trust and restart bookings. Offering private tours is one way that we are tackling the issue and easing concerns here at Roundabout Atlanta. With fewer crowds than ever, now is the perfect time to explore Atlanta’s sites! Contact us today and we would be happy to let you know about our customizable options, or check out our tours.


Just Your Group & Our Guide

Is there something about Atlanta that you’ve been dying to discover? Then a private tour is a chance for you to explore just that. With the guide solely there for you and your group, you can ask all your questions directly and get additional information about the things that specifically interest you. It’s a great chance to spend a day with your friends and family (or even your whole extended family with our large vehicle options). Or change things up and take the kids for a much-needed driving tour around and outside the city! During these uncertain times, having the familiarity and comfort of knowing all of the other guests means that you can focus on enjoying the experience rather than worrying about any risk.


Safe & Clean

Providing private tours means that we can ensure that our guests’ safety and cleanliness is guaranteed. Smaller group sizes mean that social distancing protocols are easier to practice and you can feel comfortable knowing that we are doing all we can. This means washing hands properly and regularly, wearing face masks where needed, and cleaning our vehicles thoroughly after each group. Hygiene is our new priority and keeping our tours private allows us to achieve this. We will even provide alcohol gel if you’re heading out on one of our shopping tours. It’s important to give our guests, a greater sense of control, and to minimize the risk for all of us.


Completely Customizable

Another benefit of having a private tour is the ability to customize a tour for yourself, or even to mix and match various tour options. A personalized tour isn’t as expensive as you might think, take a look at our custom tour options for more information. We can arrange options from an express, 2-hour tour through to a full-day, 8-hour experience. What’s more, we can match the tour specifically to your needs, if you need it to be accessible or you just want it to be about a specific theme, we can arrange it! Our most successful tour is our Black History & Civil Rights tour, in particular as educating ourselves about Black history and Dr. King is more important than ever. If you’re after an informative experience but aren’t too keen to venture outside, why not try a driving tour or a night tour? Or if you’ve been on our Black History & Civil Rights tour before and loved it, try one of our Atlanta city tours and we’ll be happy to discuss the topic further. We’ll be sure to point out historically significant sites throughout the city, as well as ones that are becoming new sites of history.


The great thing about a private tour is that you get to choose the tour, the people, the place, and the time! With so much freedom, we’re sure we can provide you with whatever experience you’re after. Support a local business that loves Atlanta and take this unique opportunity to get out and about while things are still relatively quiet. We look forward to seeing you!


-your Roundabout Atlanta team
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